Ibn Rushd Fund for Freedom of Thought

Ibn Rushd Lecture on April 26: Arab Political Thought, the Syrian Revolution & the Question of Asylum with Dr. H. Darwish

Dear Friends of Free Thinking in the Arab World and elsewhere:

We are happy to invite you to the next Ibn Rushd Lecture on Wednesday, 26th April, at 8:00pm in the Lettrétage Berlin.

The Syrian philosopher Hosamedden Darwish will be speaking on

Critical Ideas in Arab Political Thought, the Syrian Revolution and the Question of Asylum.

In his recently published book Critical texts in Arab Political Thought, the Syrian Revolution and Asylum: In the Example of Bishara and Barout (available in Arabic only) Darwish critically discusses some of the most prevailing ideas about the issue of nationalism, democracy, Syrian revolution and asylum.

Taking a closer look at the relationship between nationalism and democracy, he asks if nationalism (in Arab countries) represents a necessary condition or a prerequisite for achieving democracy.

Darwish will also be discussing the Syrian Revolution´s background, its early evolution and its subsequent prospects. What are the political and socio-economic factors that led to it in the first place? Which role did Bashar al-Assad play in the revolution?

Lastly some light will be shed on the consequences of the political development in Syria, especially considering its impact on Germany. Darwish directs his critique towards "racist" and "immoral attitude” of refugees towards each other, but also tries to analyse the attitudes within the German receptive society, where he diagnoses an "ethics of Duty", an " ethics of fear“ but also the "ethics of sympathy and love".

The lecture is going to be held in Arabic but there an English translation is available as a printed version. As always, there will be time for discussion after the lecture, questions and contributions are possible in Arabic, German, and English. The book (Critical texts in  Arab Political Thought, Syrian Revolution and Asylum : In the Example of Bishara and Barout (in Arabic) is available at the lecture.

On Wednesday, 26th April, 8:00pm in Lettrétage, Mehringdamm 61, Berlin 10961. 

We are looking forward to seeing you, an interesting lecture and a lively discussion!

Dr. Housamedden Darwish

Dr. Housamedden Darwish studied philosophy and specialized in hermeneutics and methodology of social and human sciences. He worked at the University of Tishreen and got his doctoral degree from the University of Bordeaux III in 2010. He is currently a visiting lecturer at the University of Cologne.