Ibn Rushd Fund for Freedom of Thought

What People Think of the Idea

al-AZMEH, Prof. Aziz (Uppsala/Sweden)

I thank you and congratulate you on your initiative, the sort initiative which our national enemies make far more often and much more effectively than we do ourselves.

AUDA, Khalil, Dr. (Najah-University Nablus/Palestine)

We have no other choice than trying it. I like your courageous work in a country that is not your own. For this attempt confirms, that a man loyal to his country can be useful at any place anywhere he lives.

al-KAILANI, Sami (author Nablus/Palestine)

I would be grateful to any person who will contribute to make this noble Idea come true. We urgently need someone who takes upon himself the task to defend enlightened free thought and to embed it into our culture and society.

al-GABIRI, Prof. Muhammad Abid (philosoph and writer, Morocco)

I support this idea and hope that the projekt will soon see the light of day. I am prepared to cooperate and be at your disposal with all means available to me in the fields of my specialization and all ranges of professional competence.

HAMMAD, Dr. Magdi (Centre for Arab Unity Studies Beirut)

(…) wish you success.(…) I assure you, that the centre will always be ready to cooperate within its aims and programmes and as you see right.

ad-DAGANI, Dr. Ahmad Sidqi (author and publicist, Palestine)

Your appeal to encourage creativity of thought deserves appreciation.

al-ALI, Muhammad Gasim (TV-Satellite Channel al-Jazeera, Qatar)

We welcome your feverish endeavours (…). We ask to tell us what steps we should do towards fulfilling your blessed strive.

ABDUL-SHAFI, Dr. Haidar (politician, Gazza/Palästina)

a very praisworthy effort, perhaps through it we will have a possibility in finding new ways that help us overcome our problems.

al-ALEM, Dr. Mahmud Amin (philospher, critic and intellectual)

The project deserves to be dealt with seriously (…) be assured that I will always be in your service.

al-KAILANI, Dr. Shawkat Zaid (University board member, Nablus/Palestine)

You may count on me as an member. The idea is great.

al-BAGHDADI, Dr. Ahmad (university teacher, Kuwait)

It is a project that deserves much respect. We share the same opinion that the Arab mind should be encouraged to think more creatively and challenge old washed out traditions that predominate our Arab daylife in a world in which everyone who has the courage to think freely is branded as an infidel. Have all my deepest respect for your liberal project which I hope will soon see the light of day.

HALLAQ, Butrus (university teacher at the Sorbonne, Paris)

(...) I herewith congratulate you for this initiative and assure you my readiness to contribute to this project within the range of my capabilities.

AZM, Prof. Sadiq Galal (philosopher and university teacher, Damascus)

(...) I am very very much interested in the idea as well as many of my colleagues here are. I am ready to cooperate with you and your organization to help achieving its goals. I herewith express my admiration for this initiative which deserves the encouragement and contribution of all of us.